Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wesley's Letter 6-25-12

Sup Fam and Friends,

Guess what? I officially have 1 year in the mission HOLY GUACAMOLE! Time sure does fly by when you’re having fun! Honestly I’m super psyched! Guess what? I’m also going to be buying another hammock today in like 2 hours, so Mom, if you notice that I’m missing $ from my account today, just know that’s the reason.

Well, other fantastic news is that we baptized someone named Yadira on Saturday. What makes her so cool is that about a month and a half ago her son was super sick and she needed help. The missionaries got called over to give her son a blessing, and he got better, so she started listening to us and now she’s got a super strong testimony. She’s the first of her family to get baptized. And the change I’ve seen in her since the first day I saw her is pretty incredible.

Just this whole week we’ve been seeing a ton of miracles and this next month we should be baptizing at least once every week. Exciting stuff!

This week has also been pretty hectic. We went up to Escarsega for the district meeting on Monday, then came back the next morning. Then that same afternoon we went to Campeche for a zone conference. The next day we slept there and had the conference. At like 7:00 we drove back to Champoton with the DL (district leader) so he could do Yadira’s baptismal interview on Thursday. So we did divisions him. My companion stayed in Champoton. The other elder and I went back down to Escarsega to work all day. The next morning my comp and the DL came down. The DL got dropped off, then my comp and I went back to Champoton to finally work in our own area. The next day (Saturday) we had Yadira’s baptism. On Sunday we went back to Campeche to stake conference...

Yeah, crazy week and every one of those trips was a 2-hour bus ride. Escarsega is a little bit further than Campeche but they are both about 2 hours by bus.

Ya and I’m sorry, I would send all of the awesome picks I’ve got but the internet is littlerally being a big ol jerk face, so you’ll just have to wait till next time.

All right whelp those are just some of the highlights this week. I’d write more but I’m outta timeskis.

Smith out

(Below is Wes' response to Chelsea's email telling him about her daughter Liesl's circus birthday party that is coming up this weekend.)

Whelp tell her that I love her and happy birthday. There are always circuses coming through here. The funny part is when I was in Cancun a Portuguese circus came through. It was weird, the population of street dogs was going down and no one knew why until after about a week. They found out that the circus had been rounding up street mutts and feeding them to the lions and tigers... there’s the only circus experience I’ve ever had.

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