Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wesley's Letter 6-4-12

Sorry, this computer won’t let me upload pics. But don’t worry I’ll send em next week!

All right, this week’s been pretty sweet here in Maya-land. We didn’t baptize anyone but these next few weeks should be chock full of baptisms. This whole week’s been full of miracles and just awesome experiences! We have 2 baptisms for this week and then three the next week that follows and then various times after that.

A cool miracle that happened recently is that we found a couple that were investigating the church. But they were about to split up when we found them, because the girl had been a drug addict and alcoholic. Actually when we found them the boyfriend had all of his stuff all packed up and ready to go, by the front door. Anyway, we gave them a super spiritual lesson and by the end of it they decided to stay together. We lost contact with them for 2 weeks but 2 days ago we saw them again and they actually now have plans to get married and the girl had completely dropped drugs and doesn’t drink any more. So they’re going to be baptized real soon.

Sorry this letter’s going to be shorter than usual but I’m out of time. I love you all tons and just know the works going well here. And I’ll see you all in about a year.

Oh, also tell everyone that has been writing me that sometimes if you’ve written me and haven’t gotten a card back it’s just probably because the mailing system is not great here and I’ve been hearing that they lose a lot more cards in the process than I thought. It’s more secure sending from the USA to Mexico than from here to there. So I‘m super sorry, but I have written back every card I’ve received just not sure if you’ve gotten them.

Much Love,
Elder Smith

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