Monday, June 11, 2012

Wesley's Letter 6-11-12

Sup Fam and friends,

Just kicken it old school here in Campeche right now. I am really in the city of Campeche. I haven’t been transferred yet but I’m here waiting for my new comp. Elder Gonzalez got moved to Playa del Carmen. So my new comp is going to be an American named Elder Babit. Right now he’s on a bus from Chetumal to here.

So this week was pretty cool. We didn’t baptize but if we are lucky we should baptize 4 this week WHHOOP!

All right, well tell Eric Kennedy congrats on the mission call!

A cool story this week is that while we were sitting in Sacrament meeting waiting for it to start, out of nowhere the local Seventy shows up, Elder Vialobos. When he came up to talk he told us it was his first time passing through Champoton and he didn’t know why he was there he just felt like he needed to come.

So later that day after the second hour we were in the hall when he came over to us and invited us outside where he introduced us to an investigator that we hadn’t even noticed, that had shown up. We actually just thought he was a regular member. Anyway, Elder Vialobos found him and taught him the blessings of an eternal family and he actually helped him to not only know that he should get baptized, but he also promised that he would go personally to this man’s sealing with his family. So Elder Vialobos basically told us that we had to help him keep his promise, so now were going to teach this man everything. Cool eh?

All right so now I’m going to explain these pics. The pics of the epic sunsets are what it looks like here when a storm front moves in at dusk. There’s a pic of us with the Seventy, Elder Vialobos. A few pics of the cool fruit here. The big green one is a papaya and the other alienish pink one is a Pitajaya. Wow the mangos are in season right now and man are they just ridiculously big. Honestly most of them here are bigger than grapefruit. There’s a pic of me with a family at night, their actually named La familia Pacheco and they are super funny! I don’t know if you noticed the grandma but man is she about one of the shortest people I’ve ever met. She’s actually taller sitting on a chair! They’re all hilarious!

Whelp I’m all outta time.

Much love,
Smith out

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