Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wesley's Letter 6-18-12

Sup Fam and friends,

It looks like it will have been year since the last time I saw you this Friday, CRAZY. I miss you guys tons and every day it goes through my mind at least once a day of when I’m going to see you all again.

So any way this week’s been pretty sweet! We’ve been working crazy hard preachen and all that good stuff.

We’ve been doing work here. We baptized a girl named Maria this week but the even better part is that we got to help her and her husband get married. I’ll send you a pic of them. It was a pretty funny service because a lot of people here look at getting married more as a "something on the to do list” than a once and a life time experience. For their wedding we just all went to the civil register’s office and they got married right there, with some of the witnesses from church, that we brought.

Ya, so that was exciting! Other news about things this week is that there is really too much!

I really do love and miss you all and just know I’m trying my hardest here.

You are all in my prayers.

Elder Smith

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