Monday, November 7, 2011

Wesley's letter 11-7-11

Okay, I wanna make you all know I’m genuinely sorry about the letter I sent last week. It was way out of line. I was still pretty sick and for that I was pretty poorly nourished and idk its easy to get mad when things aren’t going you’re way. Just don’t think things are getting dire here, all that’s happened is I’ve lost a few pounds.

When you’re stuck in a room in an uncomfy bed with a 103 fever with chills con ganas de vomitar it’s pretty easy to loose enthusiasm. But now I’m healthy again I actually went to the McDonalds and the Wal-Mart in Merida today, it took 2 buses and about 20 minutes of walking but still worth it.

The sad thing is that all the things I loved in the Wal-Mart like chocolate and fine imported cereals like Corn Pops must have a tariff or something because I paid un ojo de la cara for them but still worth it. When I get home I’m going to buy so many nice things you have no idea.

Probably the hardest of all is that when I was laying in bed I thought a lot about everyone, family, and friends, and I really do wanna tell you I fricken love and miss you all probably an unhealthy amount. It’s probably not good to plan you’re grand arrival home a year and a half early but that’s what I did haha.

Oh ya if any one wants to look me up on Google earth my address is Calle 38a no.552a x 59y 61. Some of the many calonias of my area are Reparto Gragnjas, Granjas, Santa Isabel, Visientesolis, Nuevo Kulkucan, Mulchechen, Cecillo Chi, San Antonio Kaua, Cerrido de Mulchechen, and many more little ones my area is about the size of 4 normal areas. And we don’t have a car. There are actually only 2 cars in all the mission and one is the Mission President’s, and I think there are now only 2 areas with bikes.

As for people I’m teaching right now, most are pretty superstitious, one lady were teaching is so God fearing we couldn’t even get her to read the Bible, out of fear that she might tear it and thereby be cursed.

Our area has returned to its regular dry state where I’m pretty sure it won’t baptize for a long time, and I’m also pretty sure I’m gonna stay here for a pretty long time because the Mission President likes to keep the new guys in their first area for like 7 months, but we’ll see.

I wanna give a shout out to all the homies who have been writing me like Alec, Lexi, Dylan, Alena, and Brian.

Alena you asked me if I’m in the Kulkucan near the baseball stadium. It is the exact same Kulkucan as that baseball stadium whooooo.

I’m planning on writing you all soon but because of the humidity all the envelopes I bought sealed so I only had one so I can only send one and its going to Brian Moffat. Get ready for awesome letter madness! I sent it to your San Luis address so it’ll probably get there by St Patrick’s day, if at all. Don’t worry I’m planning on writing all of you soon. Sorry Alec I’m writing you next week I promise. It really is just hard to find time...and paper not ruined haha.

Any way I have more stories but I’m outa time so I’ll tell ya next week

Él Smit

Mom if you wanna send a box of chocolaty goodness I’d be more than happy to receive it. haha

Love you too much and miss everyone in the fam especially the rug rats... tell Dad I’m surfing every morning with him when I get back.

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  1. The pictures are great this week! I am glad he is feeling better! Great Elder!