Monday, November 21, 2011

Elder Smith's letter 11-21-11

¿Que transita valedores?
Sup its yo boi-Elder Smitty here and I thought I might just let you know that all is good here, I still haven’t gotten that package yet dad but that’s okay I’m sure it’ll be here next week. Letters and packages here are a weekly thing because all the letters get sent to the main mission office and we go there and collect it once every Monday, so technically it could show up tomorrow and I wouldn’t know about it for a week.

Anyway news here, this week we actually are planning to baptize someone, named Verta. She’s in her late 50s and about 12 years ago was going to get baptized but changed her mind, but now she’s all in and wants to, so I’m pretty happy about that. There’s another pair of sister investigators named Nuvia and Dalila with the typical single mothers story, which is sad, but any way we started teaching them and the sister Nuvia is now one of the better investigators we have because she’s been reading the Book of Mormon and studying and has told us various times that she’s been searching for an answer her whole life and that now she knows that this is it. The weird thing is, that we were going to baptize her but as it turns out we looked her up in the church data base, because some of her family members are members, and found that when she 8 she was baptized, so although I don’t get to put a baptism statistic in my journal, I know that us finding her made a bigger difference in her life than it did when she actually was baptized.

Also, we found a new family in Viciente Solis that we might baptize, the man when we showed up he told us he had a copy of the Book of Mormon and he wanted us to explain 3 Nephi 11 to him, so we happily did Now he told us he’s going to read the whole book before our next visit, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

That’s about it for interesting investigators, we have more but the rest of them pretty much think we’re Catholic missionaries here to spread the palabra, haha.

Culture wise, well, I just decided the hammock is more comfy than the horrible bed I have, so now and for the rest of my mission I think I’m going to sleep in a hammock even when there are beds available. This week I’m taking out some money to buy a custom hammock with my name on it, and a sweet black yellow green color scheme. It's gonna be sweet! I’ll send you all a photo of it when its done. Its gonna be stitched by Dalila's Mayan father who lives in some pueblo somewhere haha.

Funny things I’ve seen here…for one, the other day we were riding in a trici taxi down the main street of town and we saw a police car stopped and a bunch of people standing in a circle. At first I thought it was a car crash but when we got closer I found out that some cops were rangling a freaking huge python, idk how big it was but there were like 4 cops struggling to put it in the back of their truck. It was probably about 15 feet but I can’t say for sure. The weird part is that I have no idea how it got there because we were fairly deep in town.

Another funny thing is that it turns out that arsony here is more of a domestic chore. The other day we were walking through a neighborhood when on the side yard space of two houses there was a huge fire about 7 feet tall running up the side of these houses. We yelled to one of the houses and a woman stuck half her face out the widow
"Hey you know there’s a big fire on the side of your house?" she just smiled about it and said "oh no se precupen es la basura" Ya people here are pretty funny. Anyway I don’t have any more time.
Smith out!

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