Monday, November 14, 2011

Elder Wesley Smith's Letter November 14, 2011

¿Que transa changotes? Sup is Elly Smith and not too much has been happenin here in Kukulcan, but good news I just finished my second transfer, but ya I’m still here in south east Merida, anyway don’t worry I feel like I’m eating a lot better now. This month I got $30 more in my account so we’ve been eatin like reys.

As for my Spanish, I’m at the point where, for a gringo with only 2 months in the country, I speak very well but as for completely fluent I don’t think so. What it really depends on is who you speak to...

Actually what makes the biggest difference when speaking to someone is their accent. Someone that speaks rapid and clearly I can understand just fine but as for the 3-toothed Elote [corn on the cob] salesman there is zero chance. Its pretty funny, the guys who sell elotes here. They all ride their bikes up and down the streets. Everyone has their own yell/chant to let you know that there’s some delicious corn comin your way, but I don’t think I’ve heard anyone of them actually say the word Elote, most are like ¡BA BEE!

One woman, the first time when I heard her, I thought it was a car horn. My favorite is this one woman who doesn’t even say anything, she just looks down and screams bloody murder.

I’ve heard several times now that the Yucatan is kind of like the “redneck south” of Mexico, and I totally believe it. This place has just too many funny things to tell. The accent here is pretty funny, if a word ends in an N they replace the sound with an M sound so Yucatan is now Yucatam, at least that’s how they pronounce it.

Lets see, I’m probably not going to baptize for a while because, well idk. We work pretty flippin hard but in the end we can never get anyone to the chapel, the phrase “Oh, estoy ocupado, Quiero ir pero no puedo, otro dia”. has really gotten sickening.

Anyway if nothing else we’ve reactivated a few families, which I am pretty happy about.

Well, I would write more but I’m all outa time, nos vemos,


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