Monday, November 28, 2011

Elder Smith's letter 11-28-11

So guess what? It’s your boi Elder Esmit. I actually have a lot less time to write this week than normal so I’ll just say bits and pieces of what happened. Well, I did receive both of those packages and wow the Christmas one is amazing. I’m pretty sure I got a better package than almost any other missionary! There’s a picture of me walking with it in this album. It was pretty funny having to walk that thing through 2 full buses and a few city blocks, I really am lucky to have such awesome parents. I really can’t promise that I’ll be able to wait until Christmas to open the presents.

Anyway this week has been pretty good, if every thing goes right we’ll baptize 5 people before this transfer is over. A few spiritual stories I’ve had this week are, for one, we found this one woman who told us that she would talk to us because the night before she had a dream that young men would come by and give her a black book. So naturally you can imagine what book we gave her. She’s very catholic and said that there’s no way she’ll change but still we gave her the invitation to read the Book of Mormon and we’ll see what happens. Also, this week in the middle of a conference with the Mission President, I got a pretty strong feeling that we needed to go and teach this one family. All their kids had already been baptized but the father needs to get divorced from his former wife before the parents can be. We went and taught them and way, one thing led to another and not only are the parents getting baptized this Christmas eve but we also set a date for them to be sealed as a family a year from now on Christmas eve or some day around there. It was a pretty sweet lesson.

Well, Verta didn’t get baptized but that’s ok, I hope she can be this week but we’ll see.

In other news I ordered my hammock on Thursday and I found out what would normally be a $140 hammock is only going to be $42 dollars because the man were buying it from is in prison, so making hammocks is just what they do for fun in prisons around here. Double person custom hammock with my name stitched in it. I’ll send you guys the photo when I get it.

The photo of that spider is kind of like the one that came running under the door that one time. Its hard to see because its blurry but ya, those are all baby spiders on its back.
I’ll end with a Mayan peace out.
Ek´i couva t´salma!

Wes happily carrying his Christmas package all the way to his house!


A spider with babies on it's back

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