Monday, December 5, 2011

Elder Smith's Letter 12-5-11

Well I’m not gonna lie, I pretty much already opened everything in that package and it was awesome! You guys really are the best family, and tell everyone in the ward they’re awesome! That little chain thing with their writings on it was la onda!

Anyway this week a few other cool things happened, for one I have all the legit phone information so you all can talk to me on Christmas. I’m going to be in a members house at 5:00 pm Mérida time so I think that’s 3:00 in San Diego but you guysa can figure it out. I’ll be able to talk for 50 minutes so friends and family if you wanna talk to me be at my house at that time and lets face it, I really wanna talk to all of you.

Some more cool stories from my neck of the woods, are that I’ve been hearing a lot more Mayan legends and stuff. More of them are actually pretty funny. The most common is the legend of Los Alo´ox or little trolls that live out en El Monte or the jungle that come out at night to cast spells on people and steal stuff. Actually Los Alo óx are now more of a scientific fact around here than legend because almost half the people here are 100 percent convinced they exist, and they all have different stories of how at one point they saw Un Alo´ox. Or they blame their family’s bad luck on a family member who at one point wronged an Alo´ox.

Another funny myth is the legend of the ish´tabai. Its supposedly a beautiful witch that lures borachos (drunks) in to the woods and when the borachos are found they’re unconscious and without clothes. So if you see any unconscious naked drunks you know the ish´tabai has struck.

Seriously the people in my mission are soo superstitious, its pretty hilarious.

I’ve been having some pretty funny stories around here, I just don’t have enough time to write them all. For example the other day we were teaching a lesson with a family when the drunk dad came stumbling in tripping over is own lack of sobriety, and was yelling "yo la haré la oracion!" Then he took us by the hands, screamed bloody murder while saying a prayer and lifting our hands up, then brought our hands together and gave them a few kisses. Not gonna lie, stories like this are pretty common here and pretty funny.

I’ll tell you all more stories next time but I’m all out of time.

By the way I’m finally going to start baptizing again starting this week.

Any ideas about what this is?

That's my boy!

I have no idea what this is about.

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