Monday, December 19, 2011

Wesley's letter 12-12-11

Hola ¿Baax tal morros? It’s yo boi smitty les esta radiando de Kukulcan and here are my stories for this week:

I still haven’t gotten my hammock but the people that I spoke to about it told me it’ll be done by this Thursday and que esta bonita, entonces estoy medio animado the coolest part about it is that a hammock of this magnatude really would cost at least $120 + and it only cost me $60. Hammocks are rightfully expensive because they really do take dozens of man-hours to make. One can spend an entire week of just stitching one hammock, not to mention mine is double stitched, custom colors, with the Spanish pronunciation of my name stitched in it "ESMIT" I’m super syked.

So what’s been happening specifically this week is that 2 days ago I had my first baptism for like a month and a half. But good news, we have baptisms lined up every week for the next 8 weeks. That’s unless I change areas this Christmas. Coincidentally Christmas falls the same day as transfers and also 3 days after I hit my 6 month mark from home.

Its crazy I’ve almost been in Mexico for 4 months and I still feel like I’m on the struggle with Spanish. The only times I feel good about my Spanish is when I’m around the other kids from my generation (or the missionaries who’s showed up the same time as me) because at least I have developed an accent. I can’t properly describe to you how horribly atrocious sounding it is having an American speaking Spanish without an accent.

From now on I think I’m going to stop telling everyone about the baptisms and more about the stories because I’m not judging my mission by how many people get baptized, rather the lives that get genuinely influenced.

Like the other day we taught a family, who told us all the problems they had and how they wanted to change their lives. In that first lesson of teaching them we set a baptismal date. It was actually one of the better nights of my mission. However, the next day we went by to visit them and the mom ran inside and the dad told us that they didn’t want to see us again without a real explanation, so we left all bummed. After a week had passed we had almost completely forgotten about them. Then one day during companionship planning, we got the feeling we need to pass by and visit them again. When we got to the house the entire family was out in front. I was expecting the dad to get mad at us, but to my surprise they didn’t even say anything he just came up to the gate and led us inside the house. He told us that not a long earlier he and his wife were in a heavy discussion that maybe they should talk to us again, but they didn’t have our number or directions so they had no way of contacting us, then they went outside and within 2 minutes we arrived at their house again. It was a pretty sweet experience and also there’s more to tell but I’m outa time so I’ll tell ya next week, but until then…

Con amor
Elder smith

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