Monday, September 26, 2011

Wesley's letter 9-26-11

So this week was crazy sauce right now. I’m in the heart of Merida writing on the most ghetto computer you can think of. I’m going to send this in like 3 different letters and I don’t have time to explain why, because that’s what I never have, is time. Trust me if I had time I would have written all of my friends 3 times over by now but honestly just to write this news letter, it’s a choice between writing my family and eating so you’re actually lucky to get this!

The reason why I don’t have any time is because we have like the biggest area in the mission I probably finish about 17 miles every day of just walking. All of our appointments, we have to spread out by at least an hour, because its just that far. But it’s really been helping my girlish figure. I am probably at about 3 percent body fat, and rockin a sweet six pack under my button up shirt. It turns out the perfect workout routine is just walking all day in 90 degree heat and 90 percent humidity, and then you can eat as much beans and rice with mondongo as you like.

So this Wednesday I woke up and there was a straight up iguana just chillin on the wall inside our house, I caught it, what ever. There’s also a vine from the jungle that always tries to grow into our house through the window. And it turns out those spiders I told you about can jump... really far, and best of all they’re everywhere.

Ya, also, it turns out after it rains hard here the mosquitoes come out from hiding to say “wad up”. I’ve probably gotten about 30 bites a day.

It’s pretty rough I’m not gonna lie. But I think that’s only because I really haven’t seen a single American for over a month and haven’t heard any English. (That’s understandable).

I think I’m finally accustomed to the weather. I went in a room with ac the other day and it said 81 degrees and I was actually cold.

The rainstorms here have literally been insane. The other day lightning was striking easily within a football field of us. Lighting really is the most horrifying thing when you’re the tallest thing in the entire country. And when it rains literally all of the streets become rivers.

Ya the clothes I bought in the missionary mall are supposed to last 2 years in any mission, but I don’t think they could have prepared for the Yucatan, most my clothes are already ruined in one way or another, haha but its chill

The reason why I never have time to write is because we have to hand wash all of our clothes, there’s a launder mat, but it costs about 3 dollars each and my comp doesn’t have extra money to spend. Its amazing how arrogant we Americans are with out even knowing it.

Welp I’m all out of time tsalma (Maya for later)

El Smith

After the rain.


One advantage to having 3% body fat!

Statue of Elder's on bikes!

Elder Smith after a downpour.

Common mode of transportation.

Elder Smith is friendly to everyone.

The streets of Merida.

Elder Smith with his Mission President and wife.

Mmmmmm yummy!

Elder Smith this week at the baptism of Ignacio.

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