Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wesley's letter 10-3-11

Well, last night was transfers and I have a new companion, his name is Elder Villanueva and he’s from Mexico City, I’m not gonna lie right now I’m a little depressed that Bautista left because I was just starting to get to the point of speaking Spanish that I can have actual conversations with him. But Elder Villanueva seems pretty chill. I’m kind of bummed because I wanted to leave this area too for some where else in the Yucatan that’s less big, but that might just be because I hurt my toe real bad the other day so I’ve been walking about 12 miles a day for the last week on a toe that’s debatably broken.

Last week the lady who usually lets us wash our clothes at her house flaked on us so we had to wash our clothes in our gross sketchy shower. These are some pretty unhealthy living conditions round these parts.

We get about 12 dollars a week for food so I’m basically starving all day every day, so I’m not going to lie this pretty much stinks a lot and this is for sure the lowest point of my entire life, of pure home sickness. I promise I miss you all more than words can explain, but I won’t deny I’ve learned more the last month and a half than I could have thought possible. I’m almost fluent in Spanish, and know some Maya. But most important is that I finally understand the grand intricate design of the human purpose and how our life in this world plays into it. And I have the opportunity to share it with the people here, and that is something worth starving over.

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