Monday, October 17, 2011

Elder Wesley Smith's letter 10-17-11

Ba´ax ca´wali´ck? Sup every one I’m doing fine, still pretty malnourished but okay. So here’s a few more things that have happened here...

I thought I might just go over what missionaries actually do, so missionary work I feel is a lot like psychology. It’s like psychology because it really is just listening to people twice as much as talking, and you try to ask inspired questions to find out what the person’s needs are, and according to what their needs are we mold our lessons and fill their needs, so its actually a lot harder said than done, especially in a language which is unnatural for you.

But these teaching really do change people’s lives for the better. I’ve witnessed it many times over. Just the other day my companion and I were in a trici taxi. My companion felt prompted to talk to the driver, to which the driver told us he and his family had already been baptized but the driver told us we should go to his house and talk to his father. Their house was an attachon behind a piñata shop. We found his father lying on a hammock all scarred up and could barley move. We pulled up some buckets to sit on and started to talk to him. It turns out he was actually going to be a bishop but about 2 months ago he and his wife were in a horrible car accident where his wife had been killed. He told us several times over how he wished he had been taken too, with tears in his eyes. I could barley think of any thing to say because of the sensitivity of the subject and my inability to properly articulate myself in Spanish. But I knew I had to say something. We shared with him Alma 40 and after reading it he told us that we had help reassure him of God’s plan. I know that us finding that taxi driver was no coincidence and us finding him probably saved his life.

Any way more stuff that has happened here is; I’ve gone three times to the offices to sign my visa and every time its failed, so there might be a chance that I might have to serve state side for a few transfers, probably not but well see.

Any way my time here has made me come to the absolute conclusion that the Yucatan peninsula is definitely were the events of the Book of Mormon took place, and I know this because of talking to so many non-members of the church who talk about the Mayan stories. I have been shown a few articles written by college professors of the history of the people and language here, that parallel those of the Book of Mormon. Some of them are actually conspiracy status, like things that even go back to the Bible and Christ’s time during his ministry in the middle east, we are talking Davinci code meets Indiana Jones, but crazier.

A few notes before I get back to the old grind.
- Its pretty funny all of the letters I receive are from at least a month ago and I’ve seen a few about how someone got married and then one 2 weeks later I’ll receive one telling me how they got engaged.
-Language is getting better. I still talk like a 4 year old but its chill
-I miss every one way more than is probably healthy, its only because when one is living in a house with only one other person to talk to and they can’t even speak English in a country that doesn’t speak English gives one a lot of time to think about what one could be doing.
-Send me more letters!
- I want as many of you as possible to come talk to me during Christmas because it really is my only time to talk to anyone on the outside.
Well I’m outa time, later,
Wes out!

For Christmas I just want you guys to save money so I can go on a crazy spending spree when I get home, I’m spending that summer living the high life, and it’ll be sweet.

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