Friday, September 2, 2011

Wesley's 11th letter 8-29-11

¡Holy hot weather! Hey it’s officially my first full week in Mexico and it has been nutz!

So as it turns out, Merida is stupid hot all the time, but more than anything it’s ridiculously humid. If you get anything wet just know it’s not going to dry for at least a day and a half, which means as soon as you put any clothes on you start sweating up a storm. So pretty much all of my clothes are wet all the time. The only way to stop sweating is if you stand in front of a fan that is on high for literally 20 minutes.

So this is how the mornings go we get up at 6: 30 and exercise for a half an hour and then study until about 11:00. As soon as you step out of the door you know your clothes are toast because it’s about 90 degrees and the air itself is sweating. One thing that always happens is that around 3:00 it starts to rain and that goes on for about an hour. One of the things I’ve noticed is that the hotter it was in the morning the harder it’s going to rain.

The good news is that our house is one of the only ones with a swamp cooler and we have beds which means I don’t have to sleep in a hammock for the next 3 months! Whoooo, but it is probably one of the least comfy spring beds in the world and I don’t have a pillow haha.

Something about the culture here is that probably 1 in 3 people speak Mayan, so I’ve already learned a few words. Now all I need to do is learn Spanish because everyone here cuts their words and have super thick accents, so I hardly ever know what anyone’s saying haha.

It turns out the most popular form of transport is by trici-taxi which, if you want your own, all you need to do is cut off the front of a motorcycle or a scooter and weld a bench with a bicycle wheel on each side and there it is. There’s no way it would be street legal in the US. They’re pretty much the same thing that Nacho from Nacho Libre drove but with a wood seat in the front and it costs about 5 pesos to get anywhere around town.

Oh ya, the other way to roll phat is in a party bus. They are all stick shifts and the drivers always like to get to and go places faster than you have time to climb aboard or get off. It’s pretty funny, all the locals stand perfectly still and don’t act like anything is happening while the driver is driving like he’s on PCP going 60 mph with sudden stops over topes (speed bumps) and I’ll just be flailing around like one of those inflatable dancing advertising things. Tonto gringo.

It’s pretty funny every once in a while I’ll see a big tough looking Mayan guy and think “Oh crud that guys huge, I hope he doesn’t wanna mug us” and then I’ll remember I still have at least a foot over him hahaha.
But, I don’t think I’ll get mugged here, everyone is too nice.

Anyway I’ll finish writing more about the food and stuff next week I’m really out of time.

I love you all,
Esmit out

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