Monday, September 19, 2011

Wesley's letter 9-19-11

¿BI´yan ich´cetch´k? More Maya it’s whatever. Sorry but this will be a short letter because im going to try and upload as many photos as possible.

Here are but a few things

I’m doing fine, I’m learning more and more every day I decided I’m going to read the book of Mormon in Maya, I’m almost done in Spanish. Maya really is a crazy language. Y todavia no hablo español bueno pero, estoy mejorandola

So this week a lot happened like I got my first baptism with a nice 31 year old woman named Yasmin. Tomorrow we're having one more with a man named Ignacio. As it turns out Spanish was his second language and Maya was his first. His mom lives at his house with him and she’s about 80, 3 foot 8 and doesn’t speak any Spanish.
The standard I’ve started to go by is if someone is over 50 they are bi-lingual with Maya and Spanish, if they are over 70 they don’t speak any Spanish.

So one other cool thing is that I realized I haven’t seen a single white person in over a month or any one who can speak English fluently haha

If there are any ex-missionaries out there I would love to hear your stories of what was going on at this point on your mission and if you were as lost as I am with the language.

I really do love you all until next time! ¡Hasta luego!¡ek´i cu´va!

Tell Karch I know a bunch of guys that are going to his mission and I’ll give you the list next week but the computers are dirt slow here so I gotta try to upload these pictures.

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