Thursday, August 4, 2011

Elder Wesley Smith's letter 6 (July 29, 2011)

Que tal! voy a escribir todas, las cosas que me pasaron esta semana. Entonces, this week was sad because all of our friends from the district left on Monday so gym isn’t half as full as it used to be, and now the dorms are way more reverent...lame.

As of next week were going to be the most experienced district in our dorms. But this Wednesday we should be getting 2 new districts in our dorms and that should be fun to hastle the freshmen, its kind of funny thinking that we will be the most experienced district here at the MTC because we’re kind of like 8th graders thinkin we're the crème of the crop, the top dogs, but in only 2 weeks or so are we going go to high school and learn how “nobody” and inexperienced we are.

In terms of other things that have happened here at the MTC, there have been a few funny developments. Its seems every day we come up with some new game to mildly amuse ourselves, each one stupider than the last. One of our more recently developed games is called vent ball, where its similar to basketball but instead we use a ball a little smaller than a tennis ball and the goal is to throw it in to a vent just above the door in one of my district member’s rooms while people are defending you. Its actually pretty difficult to score and I think were gonna stop playing because its pretty dangerous.

One gross thing, is that there was a kid in the district next to ours who forgot about a banana in his room for about a month and a half, so by the time he found it again the banana had liquefied in its peel, so much that as you turn the banana you can see the bottom fill up and the top empty out thin enough one could use a straw if one wanted to. It was pretty disgusting to say the least, but anyway this kid said if he can make 50 dollars off of it he’d eat it or more or less drink it. With every person on the floor pitching in he made it pretty easy. So I have it on film of this elder drinking a liquefied banana smoothie, it kind of reminded me of a gogurt but less thick, I’m amazed he didn’t throw up because I almost did. 

You know the phrase “you don’t know something good till its gone”, I think that goes for about all worldly things to me, I miss all my family, friends, toys, TV, the beach, etc. But the people of Mexico are worth it. That in no way means I’m unhappy here because I’ve never been able to find so many truths and learn so much about religion.

When I read scriptures now they really have, each one of them, infinite depth. I never realized it until I was here. When I was younger I would often be upset to think that someone could base their life on what a book says, but what I didn’t realize is that it takes a humble mind with open doors, to allow the spirit of truth to shed its light upon you. The scriptures are written in such a way that a child can understand the stories, yet it takes a wise man with intent to understand the meaning. Even Jesus taught in parables and I feel it is the same for most of the scriptural stories, most should be understood with metaphorical significance more than actual literal interpretation, not to say they didn’t happen, but to say more that they have been written for our learning, because the scriptures are more for our personal growth and spiritual maturity than to tell us the literal genesis of earth.

There is my rant of the month if I had more time I promise this would have been 4 times as long haha. I love you all so much but I’m outta time. 

Ps every one write me more letters!

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