Friday, August 19, 2011

Wesley's 9th letter (8-19-2011)

This week's email is going to be a little shorter than most because today I have infield orientation and tomorrow is my p-day. I’m not sure if the computers are set up so that I can write tomorrow, so I’m just going to write a small news letter today and hopefully I can write tomorrow too.

So anyway, thanks for all the awesome letters you’ve all been sending me. Dad, although I didn’t know all of the vocab I understood probably 95% of that letter so thanks for that.

If any of you haven’t heard I’m shoving off to the Yucatan on Monday for 22 months, estoy TAN ANIMADO.

As fun as the MTC is I sort of hope I don’t have to do it again in my life. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it, I definitely learned more in these last 2 months than I have in any other classroom. 

" There’s no growth in the comfort zone and there’s no comfort in the growth zone,” quote of the week

So, I guess I’m going to give my final phone call on this Monday at 8ish Utah time because I don’t think I’ll be able to call from Mexico City, so if you really want to hear from me it’s either then or wait till Christmas. But I understand if you don’t because that’s pretty early. 

Hopefully when I get to Mexico I’ll be able to start uploading photos so you can see just how awesome living in the jungle is.

Some things that happened this week were that I got to greet some of the new missionaries as they came in, and take their bags to their room. Over all it was pretty sad watching all the last good byes from the new missionaries to their friends and family for 2 years. As I would take their bags I’d reassure them it’ll be ok.

Anyone reading this, I beg of you to not be jerks to the LDS missionaries. They all left on missions only because they love the people and God and are genuinely concerned for every person they meet.

I promise it is the biggest sacrifice of their lives, giving up every worldly thing they have ever known, for people who may hate them for it.

So, do me a favor, Even if you don’t want to listen to them, tell them you respect their decision. But, I promise their message is worth listening to. If anything, even if you don’t act on it, you will just learn more about Mormons.

I’m out of time now but you might get a letter from me tomorrow; but if not, I’ll be in Mexico next time you hear from me. So until next time...

Smith out

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