Monday, July 25, 2011

Wesley's 5th letter (July 22, 2011)

Como le va! Good news, today is MTC humpday so I’m now half way through the MTC! Everything is good here it’s my favorite day of the week, Pday, the only day I have time. When you don’t have time, time becomes a beautiful thing!

So, I’ve been limping around a lot lately, because I sprained my ankle pretty bad yesterday playing basketball. I was in a game in the gym, you know doing work on the court, when I got passed the rock, and I was running out and a kid from one of the other courts adjacent ours was doing the same thing and ran into me. When we kind of stumbled and I semi caught myself and twisted my ankle, but halfway down as he was stumbling he accidently stepped on my ankle, thus giving me the limp I have today. I’m just glad I didn’t break it.

About half of my zone in my dorm is leaving on Monday for Paraguay and Argentina so I’m syked for them, but sad at the same time because I had just barely become good friends with some of them.

We’ve committed 2 of our teachers to baptism in our mock lessons so that’s happy news. No one else in our district has any commitments so its kind of a big deal because, the teachers really do try to make it hard on us. Even though we suck at Spanish, they try to reenact people from their missions who they baptized. The first person we committed was a strong Baptist, training to become a Baptist minister, and the other was a devoted atheist, who lost all faith when his wife left him and his son died. Even though they are not legit baptisms and they’re just acting, its cool to see how much it really becomes real and how much we begin to care about these people, and organize our lessons around their personal needs. The new curriculum in the MTC isn’t just to get baptisms, but to train us to learn from the individual, and what we can do to bring them to a better understanding of Christ’s love.

It’s a mutual learning based curriculum, we learn from them as much as they learn from us. That’s why when I get home I hope I have a thick Spanish accent and not remember English, serial necisarrio que padre tranducira por yo. Sorry I’m still working on subjunctive I am still pretty bad at Spanish not quite sure if that’s right.

The scripture I think I want for my plaque is mosiah 12:21-22 wait about a week for me to say for sure.

No hay muchas cosas to talk about, one cool thing I want to pre-warn you about is that while I'm flying out to the mission field if there are any layovers I can make calls. We should figure something out for you guys to send me depending on how my flights are. I should know my flight schedule around 2 weeks before I leave. So get ready to send an international phone card like the day I email you.

Oh yeah, thanks for all the awesome packages I’ve gotten. You guys rock!

I got those Krispy Kremes, the gold fish and every thing, too awesome!

I feel bad it’s taking so long to write everyone back it’s just I have soo little time for anything so I’m super sorry, its pretty sad. So just expect all of my response letters to be sent out on Fridays, so if I get a letter from you on Monday you’re not likely going to get a letter back for a while. So I’m sorry

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