Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wesley's second letter (July 1, 2011)


I REALLY MISS YOU GUYS SO SEND ME MORE LETTERS! But right now I'm just chillin at the MTC with only 30 minutes to type my news letter, so I'll try my hardest to put as much in as possible. The days are going a lot faster and now they're starting to mesh together. As far as Spanish goes I'm doing pretty well, I've earned the nick name amongst my district as "Mr.fluent" which is pretty awesome, in fact we've been doing so much Spanish I'm having a hard time speaking good English now. Its amazing how much Spanish one can learn if they're forced to study it 14 hours a day, ha! I'm still pretty bad though so I'm kind of at the point where I'm bad at both languages. But ya I really do love Spanish. They make us give lessons in Spanish and its pretty tough but I am still enjoying myself.

Its amazing how when you have no other options available the simple things in life become the most entertaining. Some of the guys who have been here for 7 weeks were struck with cabin fever had a rock-paper-scissors tournament needless to say it was the lamest thing I've ever seen. I had a hard time sleeping in my room with the muffled echos of their chants and excitement reverberating off the walls and the back of my eyes, with the madness creeping in on me. I just hope I don't get that desperate for entertainment 5 weeks from now, ha. One other thing is that the food here has gotten better I cannot tell if they're serving better food or if I am just getting used to it, ha.

Sorry mom but it does not let me upload photos to their email so I think I'm just gonna have to send you the memory card in the mail. Sorry I wish there was more to talk about but lets face the facts, not much happens here at the MTC. I really do miss you all!

Your Mexican missionary,

Elder Esmit

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