Friday, July 15, 2011

Wesley's 3rd Letter (July 8, 2011)

Buenas Tardes, como le va!

Sorry, I really do wish I had more to write about but the in MTC not a lot happens haha. I really am sorry but it’s hard to reply to everyone’s questions. I really do miss all of you SOOOO much but I really am always short on time so that’s why I am bad at replying. I’ll at least be able to read your letters if you do the “Dear Elder thing. PLEASE DO THE "DEAR ELDER" thing. IT WORKS SO MUCH EASIER. I really don’t ever have time to read emails and I don’t know any one’s mailing address so works the best, because being here there really is just 3 modes: studying, eating, and sometimes when I'm lucky sleeping,. Even on P-day we still have like 5 hours of classes. Once I’m in Mexico I guarantee I’ll be able to email a lot more. 

So we did the math and these are some of the statistics of how much time we really have, we spend 62 hours a week just in the class room, on top of that about another 12 or 13 hours of devotionals/other churchy things and in the end it equates to about 1 hour of time at the end of the day not directly used for studying, but more for showering, brushing teeth, writing in journal, etc. Although the classes and stuff aren’t that fun that doesn’t mean I’m discouraged or not having fun!

My companion is way sick and we get along pretty well. The same goes for my district. Here’s everyone’s names Elders: White, Nebauker, Alley, and Grindstaff, they are all going to Equador, Elders: Boberg, Metcalf, Kienhenz, and Price are all going to Mexico City East Mission. Elder Wadsworth, Ball, Germaine and I are going to Merida. They all have distinct personalities that make classes and the over all MTC way more awesome sauce! We quote Will Ferrals's version of Harry Carry all the time.

The longer I’ve been here the more I’ve come to realize just how the simple things can keep ones mind entertained. As of last week we’ve started a saltshaker shuffleboard tournament during lunch times. As it stands I’m in the championship match, so keep me in your prayers! But don't worry too much because Elder Boberg doesn’t stand a chance.

In terms of useful sports I’ve been playing a lot of volley ball and a lot of soccer during gym so hopefully I won’t get too killed by the local kids when I get down there. Haha. 

Just last night we found a movable panel in the ceiling of our room and there was a hidden annex filled with bottled messages from our rooms past occupants, one of the messages is even from a group of elders going to brazil in the 1980s ha-ha. 

Hey mom thank you so much for that package you sent me every thing in it was delicious the sad thing is is that those toffee thing you send me melted and tasted weird haha so actually because the MTC feeds us such fatty food, I don’t think sweets are the best idea. Next time you send gold fish send them by the carton because those are worth their weight in silver here.

Maybe a list of my friends addresses, because I want to know what’s up in the hip world. Tell every one I really do miss you all sooooooooooooo much, and tell the nieces and nephew I miss them a lot too:( 

PS hey friends write me letters or I’ll disown you when I get home, no I won’t but I will be sad for the next 2 years.

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