Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wesley's Letter 5-27-13

Hey, so guys, this week I gave what was my last talk in a Spanish speaking ward in the mission. I felt it went pretty well. I pretty much could have improved it but I got a lot of compliments for it so that was nice.

Yeah, so in prep for me coming home my comp and I went shopping. I bought some sweet new shirts and everything so I am going home in style!

My comp and I have been working real hard. I’m sad to say most of the baptisms we were hoping for are most likely not going to happen because a lot of people are living in unionses libres. But no biggy there’s one more kid I’ve got my hopes on to be the last baptism for the mission and actually seems interested in serving a mission so that’d be chill.

This time the pictures loaded faster than I could write plus we just switched to a different Internet cafe because the other one was pretty cruddy.

Even though I might not be able to be here for every person that I taught to get baptized, I still am very grateful to have had the opportunity to serve for these 2 years and be able to serve as a harvester and a sower (1Corinthians 3:6-8) I’m just happy to have been able to participate in this work. I know the seeds planted in this mission will bare many fruits in future generations to come. There’s a saying that goes you can count how many seeds there are in an apple, but you can’t count how many apples are in a single seed.

I’m outta time g2g,

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