Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wesley's Letter 5-20-13

Hey Family,

How are we all doing? I'm doing fine. We had a pretty productive week, actually one of most productive weeks since I've been in Chetumal. Just this last week we found 17 new investigators and have quite a few progressing. I might not be able to be here when the majority get baptized but at least I will have done my part.

In terms of some super spiritual stories, this week we haven't had too many. All of the people we've been teaching have been having more of a gradual progression.

Mostly this week we just went around contacting references. One interesting thing is that my comp and I thought our hair was too long so we went and cut it so I'll be going home with a real short cut.

Holy crud the suns been burning bright these last few weeks and man am I tan! Every day I put on sunscreen but it really is a merciless on slot.

This week also a member took us out to lunch and guess where we went? To the zoo. It was pretty sweet, It's acually a pretty legit zoo.

If you wanna know something crazy I just got my real itinerary and I'm flying from here to Houston then at 11ish I'm going to San Diego in a boeing 373 and am arriving at 12:47 in the afternoon, which is pretty legit because most missionaries that go stateside, due to lay overs, get home at eight or nine. But I will have pretty much all day to do stuff, cool beans.

Welp I g2g. It's been fun!

Love you all and see you in 3 weeks.

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