Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wesley's Letter 2-18-13

Guacamole Santo!

Guess what? I’m 21 in 2 days! What, WHAT?

So I forgot the camera and cord again, my bad, but just know the good experiences keep coming.

On Saturday Santos's wife Teresa got baptized and he did the ordinance so that was sweet. It was pretty funny because she was pretty hard hearted in the beginning, but the persistence of her husband played off.

Last night my comp and I walked all the way to Kaxatha, in the dark, where a member introduced us to one of his family friends. It was he, his wife and his 3 children. After a short lesson we invited them to be baptized and they all accepted.

From Kaxatha to Motul is about a 30 minute walk with nothing but
Moonlight and more stars than VH1, Ayo!

Last night we had transfers, I’m still here but apparently things have been going so well here for us that they’re going to send some more missionaries here and divide my area. And whom should they send, but my old comp Elder Barrow. He is going to open Motul 1 training.

I’m telling you my English has gone right down the toilet. I can’t remember how any of the hip young slang goes any more and it stinks.

Today I don’t have much to say except some other missionaries and I are going to a local restaurant called Trompos for my birthday.

That’s all for today. Just want to wish all merry Elder Smith’s birthday.

Con Cariño,
Elder Fransisco de Montejo Gustavo de los Angeles de Guadalupe Smith

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